Collection: Painterly by DIY

Dive into the world of Painterly Furniture Artist Paint – a rebellion against traditional artistry rules. This loose, user-friendly paint is a creative haven for anyone passionate about the artistic process. Painterly, a unique artist paint crafted for furniture, decor, and canvas, effortlessly blends with DIY clay-based paint – a combination as perfect as peanut butter and jelly.

Painterly dries with a matte finish, ready to be elevated with a top coat or wax. Embracing a non-traditional approach, it delivers the brilliance and heavy body of acrylic paint, coupled with the blendability and reactivation of watercolor. Not acrylic, not clay-based, and not watercolor – Painterly blurs the lines between furniture art and traditional painting in a way that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Packaged in tubes, Painterly stands out with its heavy-bodied, highly pigmented, and thick consistency, providing the ideal medium for your artistic expressions. What makes Painterly unique? It’s not acrylic, watercolor, or oil paint – it’s a special blend, characterized by bold pigmentation and heavy-bodied charm. Ideal for small DIY projects, canvas endeavors, or transforming furniture into art. Let Painterly be the canvas for your imagination, where every stroke tells a boho-inspired story.