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DIY Gypsy Green Paint

DIY Gypsy Green Paint

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DIY Gypsy Green Paint is an eco-friendly paint that contains no VOCs and is made with just 9 simple ingredients. The highly pigmented formula is composed mainly of clay for a unique look and feel. The result is a paint like no other, sure to brighten up any space.

Available in three sizes: 8 OZ SAMPLE JAR, 16 OZ PINT, and 32 OZ QUART. The 8 OZ SAMPLE JAR is perfect for a small project like a chair or small side table. The 16 OZ PINT is usually more than enough to complete a good size piece of furniture. The 32 OZ QUART covers approximately 150 square feet and will cover several pieces of furniture.

Instructions for use: Clean & Dry object to be painted, remove lid & stir thoroughly, apply one coat & allow to dry, apply second coat if needed, allow second coat to dry, seal surface with DIY Paint finishing product. DO NOT FREEZE!

Ingredients: Love, water, clay, porcelain clay, chalk, alcohol, ester (as a binder), cellulose, pigments, preservative.

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