Collection: Wise Owl Paint

Wise Owl Paint™ was born from a need to bring things back to life. There is an extraordinary sense of bliss that comes with rescuing an item from injury; from the trash; or simply to bring it back to being a cherished piece once again.

We are committed to providing products that are free of harsh chemicals and solvents. Our Chalk Synthesis Paint is zero VOC, we offer solvent free salves and waxes made from local beeswax, and hemp seed oil produced without unnecessary fillers or preservatives. We would like our consumers to feel good about painting and be able to do so without compromising health or the environment to do so.

Wise Owl Paint’s vast and ever-growing product line gives you access to premium products from paint-to-finish. Our versatile product line is capable of a multitude of finishes styles. Whether you prefer shabby chic, rustic, modern, contemporary, or somewhere between - our products will help you achieve the look and style desire. The Wise Owl Paint™ product line includes our versatile Chalk Synthesis Paint, One Hour Enamel, a wide selection of brushes, ample finishing options such as salves, waxes, oils, metallics, glaze, top coats and more. No matter which route you go our products have you covered.

We are PROUDLY made in Michigan!