Collection: Kantha Quilts

Hey there, decor enthusiast! Let's jazz up your space with our Fair Trade Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts. Picture this: skilled artisans in Rajasthan, India, weaving together cultural heritage and sustainability in every stitch to create these absolute gems. Each quilt is like a little masterpiece, a blend of ethical craftsmanship and the intricate charm of vintage cotton fabrics using the traditional kantha technique.

Now, imagine immersing yourself in the lively Bohemian world of reversible quilts, boasting 100% cotton and playful floral designs on both sides. That fine kantha work? It's like a sprinkle of Boho elegance, making each quilt uniquely awesome. Whether you're cozied up with it as a blanket, giving your bed a stylish makeover, or hanging it on your wall for some funky decor vibes – these fair trade quilts are the secret sauce to effortlessly elevating your home decor.

Guess what? No two quilts are alike. Embrace the quirks, my friend! Those vintage cotton saris (5-20 years old) bring their own charm. Oh, and here's the kicker – these versatile quilts can also moonlight as rad wall hangings and snug blankets, adding that extra dash of personality to your space.

Size: 85x55 Inch (216 X 139 cm) approx.

Fabric: Cotton Vintage Fabric.

Bring some ethical beauty and Boho-chic vibes into your living space with our Fair Trade Handmade Vintage Kantha Quilts – it's all about conscious living, cultural richness, and the cozy warmth of enduring craftsmanship. Enjoy making your space uniquely yours! 🌈