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12 Blue Moon Textiles

Goddess Line Reversible Silk Pants by Kantha Bae

Goddess Line Reversible Silk Pants by Kantha Bae

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If you’ve ever experienced our original Goddess Line, you know the feeling of being lit up from the inside out wearing these garments of pure art. Each and every patch from upcycled vintage saris holds a story woven together with intention and love. The elegant silk patchwork is the signature mark of our Goddess Line, but know that each piece is also lined with vintage cotton sari on the inside, making these styles fully reversible. Pure magic!


As you've probably heard us express, this is one of the most intricate lines here at Kantha Bae. It requires up to 242 upcycled saris to create a a batch of these designs, all double-layered with both cotton on one side and the signature silk Goddess patchwork on the other. All of the patches are individually hand-placed and stitched together with love and intention. 

Even the scrap pieces that are too small to use in creating any other garment are sustainably used here in the patchwork patterns you see to ensure nothing goes to waste. 

Through this beautiful process, 300 jobs are provided in the village we partner with in India. All with safe work environments, fair wages and the opportunity to work close to their families doing something they truly love. 

In the words of our partners in India, "Slow fashion process with intention..." 

Intention and love with a heart to see both people and our world. 


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